Paulina's custom-made

Once upon a time there was an atelier and today… In this almost sacred space where time passes placidly and silently our passion takes the shape of a tailored suit that is capable of evoking unexpected emotions. Every custom-made suit is unique and one-of-a-kind. Our tailors sew each garment with passion and desire, the incessant hands put together the pieces of fabric in perfect harmony shaping the suit to fit like a second skin. From a vast choice of precious fabrics and nuances we create works of art that enhance the wearer’s beauty and personality. Enjoy a unique experience.

After a brief description of the event in which you will be participating, express your desire and the garment you imagined will be designed just for you.Immerse yourself in a sensorial journey that begins with the choice and combination of the best fabrics made in Italy. Secondly a video call appointment will allow us to take the necessary measurements to proceed with the production. By means of a digital card and password the customer will have the opportunity to follow all the phases of the production that will conclude with the customization of the garment.