the beginnings

"I could talk about my grandmother by looking at my father's eyes... Still emotional at the memory of that sweet woman so dedicated to her family and passionate about her work..."

Paulina was born in 1916 in Abruzzo, in the heart of Italy, cradled by the waves of the sea and scented by the most precious fruits this land has to offer: grapes and olives.

Daughter of landowners and second after her brother Vincenzo, she had the opportunity to attend primary studies and, as well a kind of patronage of that period, cultivate her innate gift for embroidery and sewing. Orphaned by her mother at an early age, she received from
her father Antonio all the attention and affection he felt for that child who soon became queen of the family. This would help sharpen Paulina's marked sensitivity and nobility of spirit.

Her innate elegance was reflected in everything she did; the local gentlemen were Enchanted by this girl walking in the fields and caressing her olive trees, experiences and sensations that she then portrayed in her creative and representative embroideries.

"A perfect combination I dare say: mastery, art and concreteness."

It was this that made Paulina the most innovative, too attentive and sought-after professional of the time.

It was not too long before countless suitors came to ask for her hand, but a man with the same roots and values stole her heart-Don Alberto. Don Alberto was a hard-working man who dedicated his entire life to the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards and the processing of its fruits. Like his wife he managed personally "Tenuta Rosburgo" which today has become a must for Made in Italy.

From this union 3 children were born: two daughters and a son, and it was the latter who would reward his mother for all of her grace and dedication.

"It was thanks to my father that my grandmother, Candida Paulina, received the due recognition as a professional figure. So in 1958 the first prêt-à-porter line was born in the company that my father opened in the image and likeness of his mother and where, in February of that year, the first Paulina Crisada garment was produced and tailored, in that house that would later become in the year 2000 La Fabrique."

And in that very house since the year 2000, descendants William and Paulina have been added to the "custom-made line" of their own atelier, intended for an elite and international clientele, the first collections produced by La Fabrique.
Total looks aimed at the modern woman in step with the times and a clientele that wants to be unique and inimitable, shaping fresh silks and soft fabrics directly on the person, arriving today at their forty-second collection.

With pride, passion and the experience of 3 generations, Paulina Crisada dresses the young girl with La Fabrique and the sophisticated lady with Paulina's Custom-Made!